There are many interesting homegrown (québécois) culinary websites and blogs worth consulting, with vegetable recipes galore. We can suggest a few, starting with Équiterre‘s recipe website filled with recipes dating back to when Quebec’s ‘Family Farmers Network’ (Réseau des fermiers de famille, or RFF) was still an Équiterre project. For Facebook habitués, the RFF has it own fb recipe group, too. Two other excellent sources of recipes include Ricardo’s websites (it’s worth checking out the different content of  both his French and English sites), as well as the lifestyle blog of Montrealer Martine Gingras, banlieusardises. Get cooking.


In addition, in response to everyone’s practical query — what to do with my vegetables x, y and z THIS week? — we offer a range of options via the recipes listed below, organized in alphabetical order based on our farm crops, suggestions over the years from family and friends, as well as from farm members and market customers.

Happy cooking, and most importantly, bon appétit!

We made an effort to significantly beef up our Recipe section in 2020
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For each vegetable highlighted below, the date shown is the publishing date of the most recent recipe added
Also, if you are comfortable in both languages, go check out each recipe page in French — the suggestions are sometimes the same, sometimes different, as we did not systematically translate all of the recipes from one language to the other


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