Tomatillo Recipes

Sopa verde de elote – 06/08/2020

The picture of this summer soup from What’s Cooking is an open invitation to try it. A great find from our friend Laure, it is made with tomatillos and zucchini. (Just when you were wondering what to do with all those zukes!)

Salsa Verde – 06/08/2020

A versatile salsa verde from Simply Recipes made with tomatillo, lime juice, chile peppers and onion gives a healthy kick to your taste buds. It even includes three variations on the tomatillo theme (oven-roasted, pan-roasted and boiled) for you to explore.

Pork & Tomatillo Stew – 06/08/2020

A very tasty pork and tomatillo stew from Ruth Reichl, author of My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life, former Editor in Chief of Gourmet Magazine and restaurant critic of both The New York Times (1993-1999) and the Los Angeles Times (1984-1993). Enjoy.