Farm Event: Méchoui

For several years running, we organised a harvest farm event in the guise a large potluck méchoui for farm members and friends at the end of the summer (yearly participation averaged about 150 people of all ages from 2011 to 2014). We took a break from 2015 to 2018. In 2019, we hosted a méchoui on Canadian Thanksgiving Monday. It was lots of fun. Given how busy we’ve become, Thanksgiving may be the best (and only) time for us to celebrate the farm’s bounty…we’ll keep you posted re plans for 2020.

See the pictures below to get a feel for what our méchouis are all about
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August 2015 Visit

They came intent on stepping out of the fray, far from the madding crowd, they told us. A charming couple: he, working on a masters degree in architecture; she, finishing her studies in public health. Well-informed on organics, knowledgeable in most things environmental, they came to test the comfort of our straw berths and the brilliance of our starlit skies. They must have liked what they found, as they lingered for three days, witnessing the farm’s varied modes and moods. As a parting gift, they left us a small token of their appreciation on a USB key.

A vision of the farm hitherto unknown to us, but that has only made us love it more, a breathtaking landscape…

Par-dessus le marché

Every time you sample our beets, remember that we LOVE beets…so we can’t help but draw your attention to the brief documentary we participated in for V télé’s weekly foodie show, Par-dessus le marché, in September 2014 (unfortunately, the long-running PDLM aired for the last time in the Fall of 2014). The Arlington Gardens clip was all about beets – and the musical inspiration they provided the show’s producers.