Tops & Greens Recipes

Kale-Sauce Pasta – 02/08/2020

Who has not been overwhelmed on occasion by the green mountain covering one’s countertop on “basket night”? What to do with all those leaves, greens, magnificent tips and tops that are so healthy but also bulky and guilt-inducing especially when they end up in the compost bin? Thanks to our friend Danielle (a talented and passionate gourmet) we can propose a quick and delicious solution for this conundrum. This recipe comes from chef Joshua McFadden’s book, Six Seasons, and has been published on the New York Times’ site.

Instead of McFadden’s kale, our friend Danielle uses every green that comes in her basket. She first cooks the big leaves (without the tough stems) for a few minutes and then adds the more tender greens. Lacey carrot leaves provides the finishing touch:  their precious vitamins will then be better preserved.

You can use kale leaves, of course, but also amaranth, spinach, beet or radish greens… the result will be different every time but invariably delicious.

If your ‘’hot pesto’’ does not disappear in one shot, it can be refrigerated for a week.